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We believe in the power of prayer and are here to support you in your time of need.
Share your prayer requests with us, and our community will pray for you.

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What Our Community Says

After submitting my prayer request, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. Within a week, my prayers were answered. Thank you, Church Of God Deliverance Centre!

John Doe

I was struggling with a difficult situation, and the support I received from this community was incredible. My prayers were answered in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Jane Smith

Submitting my prayer request was the best decision I made. I felt the power of collective prayer, and my situation improved dramatically.

Michael Brown

The Church Of God Deliverance Centre truly cares. My prayer request was taken seriously, and I witnessed a miracle in my life. Thank you!

Emily Johnson

Submit Your Prayer Request

We invite you to submit your prayer request today. Our dedicated church community is here to support you and pray for your needs. Trust in the power of prayer and let us help you find peace and answers. Welcome Home.