Our Story, Beliefs, Vision

Visit us at 1695 Keele Street, Toronto on Sundays at 12:30 PM.

It Started With A Vision From God.

Dr. Bishop Josiah Spencer founded the Church of God Deliverance Centre in Toronto, 1975. Being born in Clarendon Jamaica, he travelled to Canada with a vision on his heart and limited access to resources. Having access to only a basement room at a YMCA located near Keele Street & Eglinton Avenue W., he started Church of God Deliverance Centre, where only a handful of members would attend, whom he would share God’s wisdom. Over the years, God has worked through him to impact hundreds (maybe thousands) of individuals both in person and through the previous television series, Miracle Hour TV.  We all have gifts from the Father, but through our daily walk with him, we can uncover the keys of life that are overlooked by most individuals.

We Can't Just Read His Word. We Must Live It.

Our purpose is to help lead others to experience God’s unconditional love through a personal relationship with our mighty Christ Jesus. We believe in eternal life through salvation and we want to encourage you to believe as well. Our sole purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help God as he transforms people’s lives, families and the world. We want to develop a lasting relationship with you and see you experience the fulfillment, healing & love that Jesus can bring to you.

Our Vision

We aim to become a mobilized church that will help God transform our world by teaching people the truth that will lead them to fulfilling their purpose in God’s will. We want to teach you how to commune with our Heavenly Father so God can push you to level-up to the person that he intends for you to be.

Our Philosophy

We love the Bible & its teachings. It Is God-Breathed. There are no requirements to worship with us because God loves each and every one of just, just the way we are.

Meet Our Team

Bishop Dr.
Josiah Spencer


Rev Ansell A. Cuff

Marie Palmer Messiah

Christiansen Marshall

Cathy Demitro

Shakir Briscoe

A Word For You...

Dear friends,

Let me take this time out to greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is such a glorious time for us, as Christians, to be living in a world that seems so confusing according to the prophecies of the Bible. It gives us great joy to know that we are living in a time which enables us to experience the fulfillment of these prophecies. Not only that we rejoice, but that we have great confidence as we join in the innumerable company of Saints of all ages. Therefore, let us stand fast and unmovable in the work wherewith we are called. For we know that our labor is not in vain with the Lord…


Bishop Dr. Josiah Spencer